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An International Fan Project

May 14, 2010
The project was delivered to the FC on May 14, 2010! Thank you everyone for your submissions, hard work, and patience. It was a fun and informative experience and we think the boys will love this project!

June 12, 2009
The project is now in finalization stages!

February 16, 2009
It's that time, Buck-Tick fans! Time to submit your page or video for the Love You book or DVD. If you're still unsure of the rules, check out the submission guidelines. The rules for the DVD project have been updated. Because we were unable to receive a prompt response from Fish Tank about sending cover songs and karaokes, we're going to nix that part of the project.

Also, if you use copyrighted or unsuitable material (such as images or music by B-T or another band) in your video, we may ask you to re-submit.

Please don't be discouraged, though. We are still looking forward to receiving your video messages for the boys. Don't fret! You still have time to submit!

January 11, 2009
Important changes have been added to the project section -- please take a look.

January 9, 2009
We've changed our layout! Now it truly is starting to feel like Buck-Tick in here! [Thanks D!] In the Spread the Love area we'll soon be uploading banners and buttons for you to use to link back here. The important stuff is mostly up. We've yet to post the full details of the DVD project but that really doesn't take much explaining; record yourself and follow the guidelines explained in the video. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their submissions! We have little over one month left until deadline.

January 8, 2009
Today we open a temporary site to house the information regarding the "Love You" project that the international fans are making for the amazing rock band Buck-Tick. The goal is to show them our appreciation, respect, and love through a special collaboration which you can read about and take part of in the Project section. Please note that we're still under construction, but most of the facts you need to get started and participating are already up. Bookmark us and check back often for updates and news. Do not be left out of this amazing chance to get a little bit of your world into the hands of Buck-Tick.

We're not affiliated with Buck-Tick or Fish Tank.
Buck-Tick holds rights to their images by © copyright.
All other content is exclusive of Love You & may not be reposted.